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MY Building Address in English:
MY Building 2-1-16 KitaUeno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
MY Building Address in Japanese (for taxi driver):
MY Building 東京都台東区北上野2-1-16 MYビル MY Building

Close to 5 Stations

JR Uguisudani Station

MY Building and surroundings Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version

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Narita/Haneda Airport

Iriya Station        Inaricho Station       Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station        Tobu Asakusa Station and Toei Asakusa Station        Tokyo Cruise Ship Asakusa Station        JR Ueno Station        JR Uguisudani Station        Keisei Ueno Station       PDF fileUeno Park        Toei Bus        Toei Shin-Okachimachi Station        Megurin Bus       MY Building Directions


Iriya Station ( Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line H19)

 8 min going too far, actually 7 min    Iriya Station Inside Map

Iriya Station

Iriya Station Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version   (H18 has been changed to H19)

Nakairiya (Toei Bus) 6 min    Toei Bus

Iriya Station Exit 2 Iriya Station Exit 1


Inaricho Station ( Tokyo Metro Ginza Line G17) 

8 min    Inaricho Station Inside Map    One of the first 4 subway stations in Asia

Inaricho Station

Inaricho Station Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version   

 Higashiueno-6-Chome (Toei Bus) 7 min    Toei Bus

Inaricho Station Exit 1 and 2 Inaricho Station Exit 3

One of the first 4 subway stations in Asia. Exit 3 remains almost the same as when it was built. Shitaya Shrine (the oldest Inari Shrine in Tokyo) near here used be called “Shitaya-Inari-sha”,  so this area used to be called “Inari-cho” (now it is called “Higashi (East) -Ueno”).


Asakusa Station (Tsukuba Express TX03) 


Asakusa Station ( Tobu Railway to Skytree Line TS01 and Nikko Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line G19,  Toei Asakusa Line A18) 

16 min

Keikyu Line (connected directly to Toei Asakusa Line) from Haneda Airport arrives at Toei Asakusa Station (A2 Exit has an elevator). Please see here for details From/to Narita Airport
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line is also available at Asakusa Station

Asakusa Stations Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version

 Asakusa Station ( Tokyo Cruise Ship to Odaiba) 

18 min

3 min by taxi,   18 minutes walk,   11 min by one way bus (Tozai Megurin) from MY Building to Tobu-Asakusa Station

 Tokyo Cruise


Ueno Station ( JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-tohoku Line, Ueno-Tokyo Line, Shinkansen and many other lines, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line H18 and Ginza Line G16) 
10 min to Iriya Exit (+ 3-5 min walk to trains)

JR Ueno Station

Ueno Station Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version

You can find coin‐operated lockers in this map, it is the key pictogram. See here for how to use the coin locker.
11 min by one way bus (Tozai Megurin) from JR Ueno Station Iriya Exit (#26 bus stop) to MY Building (#27)
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Ginza Line are also available at Ueno Station
JR Ueno Station - Iriya Exit JR Ueno Station - Iriya Exit
JR Ueno Station - Iriya Exit JR Ueno Station - Iriya Exit
Please note that Google Maps can’t find “Iriya Exit”, while Apple Maps can locate “Iriya Exit”. See our JPEG / PDF map or Apple Maps (only for Apple devices) to find the Iriya Exit of JR Ueno Station.


Uguisudani Station ( JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-tohoku Line) 

13 min

JR Uguisudani Station

Uguisudani Station Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version


 Keisei Ueno Station ( Keisei Skyliner, Narita Sky Access)
17 min

Keisei Ueno Station

Keisei Ueno Station Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version

Keisei Skyliner and Narita Sky Access from Narita Airport arrives here. Please see here for details From/to Narita Airport
3 min by taxi,   17 minutes walk,   17 min by one way bus Tozai Megurin from Keisei Ueno Station (#24 bus stop) to MY Building (#27)


Ueno Park 13 min

Ueno Park

Ueno Park Map   JPEG Version    PDF Version

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms Map (in Japanese)   JPEG Version    PDF Version


Shin-Okachimachi Station (  Toei Oedo Line E10, Tsukuba Express TX03)  14 min       Toei Shin-Okachimachi Station Inside Map 

 Tozai(East-West) Megurin Bus #27 Kita-ueno 2-chome 
 Minami(South) Megurin Bus #22
Megurin Bus is 100 yen one-way loop circular route small bus in Taito city. 
Pasmo, Suica and other prepaid transportation cards are available.
Google Maps cannot recognize the Megurin bus stops, but you can see them in the Street View.
From 30 March 2019, Megurin Bus stops at “Kita-Ueno 2-chome” not only East-West Route (Tozai 東西) Megurin Bus but also South Route (Minami 南) Megurin Bus. 
Be careful not to take South Route (Minami 南) Megurin Bus if you would like to go to Asakusa (浅草), only East-West Route (Tozai 東西) Megurin Bus goes to Asakusa (浅草), the sign says “東西 浅草“(Tozai Asakusa). 
From Ueno Station Iriya Exit too, make sure to take the bus with the sign “東西 浅草“(Tozai Asakusa).
And please note that the bus stop #s change sometimes according to the route change, some old photos on Google Maps may show the different #s. Please check the latest PDF map above.


Kappabashi (Dougu St.) 4 min  Ueno Park 13 min Ueno Park Senso-ji 13 min Asakusa Senso-ji
Yanaka 13 min Akihabara 14 min Tokyo Skytree 20 min
Tokyo Station 21 min Ginza 24 min Tsukiji 24 min
Ryogoku 25 min Tokyo Dome 27 min Ikebukuro 31 min
Imperial Palace 33 min Shinjuku 35 min Roppongi 37 min
Shibuya 39 min Harajuku 41 min Meiji Jingu 41 min
Tokyo Tower 42 mi Tokyo Disneyland 42 min Odaiba 43 min  By Ship
The above maps’ routes between the stations and MY Building may not be the best and easiest.
Please see the above PDF of JPEG maps for the best and easiest routes between the stations and MY Building.
Google Maps cannot search and specify the exit of the station now (Apple Maps can), so please see the PDF map for the best exit.
In Japan most crossings have their own name, they are shown at the traffic lights like this. On my PDF map, they are shown in the rectangles like “Matsugaya 2” and “Nakairiya”.